What is it ?
GPL Flash library is a set of source codes that allow to play Flash movies.
The core of the library is a graphic renderer that is portable is to be re-used in applications that need to play Flash movies.
This library comes with those freely redistributable tools:
  • Netscape plugin.
    Although Macromedia plugin is freely available, it is not freely redistributable. The GPL Plugin is also not compatible with all Flash versions.
  • Standalone player.
    To quickly play movies without to start Netscape. Can play movies on root window (suitable for xscreensaver).
  • KDE screen saver.
    Cool screen saver that allows to play Flash movies as a KDE screen saver.

  • Source
    The whole source files for library and tools are available here:


    These are NOT for Windows !!!

    KDE screen saver
    RedHat package for binaries:
    Use you favorite RPM package manager or log as root and type:
    # rpm -ivh kflash-1.0-1.i386.rpm
    Get to the KDE screensaver setup window (Settings->Desktop->Screensaver)

    Select 'Flash movies' in the savers list
    Enter Setup to change the movie.
    Choose a Flash file
    Try this one for testing.

    Select the preferred options.

    Hints: movies are played in loop if no Stop actions are executed.

    Olivier Debon.